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About the Film

Through a documentary lens, this drama follows an underground boxing ring where participants fight a man who looks like Jesus Christ.

When tragedy strikes, a lot of people feel powerless, unable to take revenge on an unreachable foe. In The King in the Ring, enterprising fight promoter Jeri (Ngozi Andrade Messam) meets the need by dressing up boxers as Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, and other villains to give amateur fighters and audiences an outlet for their fury. Her idea is popular from the start. But it's when she meets Manny (Jason Eftimoski), a boxer who looks like Jesus, that her business really takes off.

A documentary-style lens follows Jeri, Manny, and some of the emotionally raw spectators as they prepare for an underground fight. Manny's challenger, Rob (Cyrille Autin), is desperate for the bout. Utterly broken after the death of his daughter to leukemia, and aching because he couldn't give her the one thing she wanted before she died, he sees the fight as his only way out of his anger. When Manny and Rob finally meet in the ring, the fight is intense, brutal, and culminates in an outcome no one could have predicted.

Manny in the gym Jeri rousing the crowd Rob being interviewed in the gym

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